With a solid base in traditional hatha, and huge interest and knowledge of the physical body, the core of all Hatha classes is working from the concept of creating stability and length, strength and softness in all positions. In Hatha class we take the time to fine adjust every pose with the spine in focus, with most up to date knowledge so the student walk away with consciousness of own body and its functions. Hatha class is suitable for all levels, modifications will be given. 


Vinyasa is the union of movement and breath, mind and body. With Hatha yoga as a solid base we explore strategic flowing, from position to position. How do we get there, what can we find in the in between? With clear verbal cues and hands on adjustments we teach based on the function and relation between movement and breath, knowing the mind will follow. Vinyasa is at a quicker pace than Hatha and some prior experience is needed however modifications will be given. 


Hatha Vinyasa

With the essence of both Hatha and Vinyasa we flow in a slower pace than the regular Vinyasa. Class suitable for all levels, modifications will be given. 


In this passive form of yoga we teach based on everybody's individual physical possibilities. With support from props and the teacher the aim is to create an environment so secure the body and mind has the possibility to give in to gravity and start working the fascia, organs, skeletal and nervous systems. A form of yoga suitable for all levels, especially great for those who spend a lot of time moving the body, and also for the bodies that have lived a long time. Options will always be given for the poses not suited your specific body.


Restorative Hatha

A yoga form for everyone, with help from plenty of props finding rest for body and mind. Organs, nervous and skeletal systems get affected in a passive way, by resting in different positions finding calm and boost the energy flows. With long meditative holds of each positions we re-charge body and mind.


Yoga Stability/Mobility

First finding stability and strength in order to safely start loosening up stiffness in the whole body. A class suited for everyone, and especially if you are new to yoga, recover from injury, need to work on balance and posture. You will leave class with longer limbs and free flow of energy. 



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