My Story


From the early 2000 when I was introduced to the Sun Salutations by the LesMills concept Bodybalance I was hooked and kept that sequence close to heart. My former career in the restaurant industry made it possible for me to travel the world and I practiced the Sun Salutation sequence on three continents. When pregnant with my first child I suffered working double shift in the restaurant industry and turned to yoga. A mat and a DVD got me through the pregnancy working up until week 37 of that pregnancy. A seed was planted and as a new mum I started practicing yoga every day. Being a mother motivated me to take care of myself and yoga gave me all I needed.

My second pregnancy was filled with obstacles hard to overcome however my daily practice was what kept me sane. So many setbacks and challenges were thrown at me I had no other option but to stay strong for me for my son and for the little one in my belly. On my yoga mat I felt like superwoman outside I struggled to walk. This was when I brought my yoga practice off my mat, I had to, and started getting interested in what else yoga can give. I desperately needed the keys to help myself get out of this mental(and physical)struggle. That pregnancy ended in the biggest bliss, a little lady with a strong will came flying out(literally) and all my hard work was worth it. I was strong, however dealing with that first year and a half alone with two little ones demanded me to step on my mat daily. As I realized just how much yoga has helped me I knew I had to share this gift to others.
In 2015 I started my first yoga teacher training with Yogayama. Some of my teachers were Anna Hultman, Sara Granström, Rateesh Mani, Göran Boll, Malin Sävstam, Christina Svärding. I constantly move forward with a beginners attitude ready to learn, since first teacher training attended plenty of education's/immersions with teachers like Sofie Ringsten, Caroline Westling, Anja Berg and Rathees Mani.

My aim is to share the collective of knowledge I keep gathering through continuous educations. I always make sure I live the new knowledge before I pass it on, creating a sincere and clear way of communication is the core of my teaching. I work with my words in order to be able to guide human bodies in forms that will optimize the flow. Flow of energy, prana, blood or whatever floats your boat. With knowledge about the physical anatomy I teach about balance between finding the space for breath and movement and the stability and length.

My story tooken another twist and turn and I opened my very own Yoga studio on Sofiagatan 8 in Göteborg, finally living my entrepreneurial dream! I opened the studio with the aim to do everything Perfectly imperfect. And as it turned out I things once again changed and I am now in south of Dalarna running yoga classes at the cosy Grangärde Bystuga and many yoga retreats are in the plans.