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There was a time in my life when I was forced to be superhuman, I really had no choice. I posted this picture on The Yoga Studios instagram the other day, talking about us all being humans rather than SUPERhumans. I promised the back story, here parts of it is(way to long and probably only interesting to a very few)

Just before Christmas a few years back, feels like a lifetime ago tho, the father of my children(then child) decided to act nothing like a man and left us. Just like that. Christmas day I found out I was carrying his second child. That pregnancy was hunted by one scare after the other including a cancer scare. Even if I had support from family and friends the survival of me my son and the little baby in my belly was all on me, and the weight was heavy. My mind wouldn't let me crash so my body did instead. I was on sick leave half of the pregnancy since walking was a huge issue for me and without my parents help I have no idea what I would have done! Not being able to carry my little boy who loved his mama more than words could ever express!? Devastating. What was the one thing that kept my mind AND body strong for me and my babies? Yoga. On my my mat I truly was superhuman! I felt so light and free and my mind gave me a rest. Once a very healthy little lady entered the world(THAT is a separate story about female empowerment and kick ass I will get back to)my body healed quicker than I ever could have imagined, I was taking stroller walks within three days. All thanks to my daily practice as pregnant, I'm sure of it!

On to this picture above, mothering a two year old that caught all the bugs from preschool and only attended 9 days of school in his little sisters first 5 months. One child awake at 5am one child in bed at 1am and about 10 wake ups in between. In this picture I am breastfeeding my little lady as I am swinging an impetigo infested son while drinking coffee. It also look like I washed my hair, how? I have no clue! This is insane!!! I didn't know that back then, but looking back, totally utterly insane. I had my daily practice and it was the one thing that kept me floating. 

So why tell this story? This is why I am sending you these emails now, this is why I took my first teachertraning, this is why I now run The Yoga Studio. The urge to give to others what helped me so much.

The thing about past stories is that we all have them, and there is never ever a point in comparing them. I had that thrown in my face in my darkest of days "dont you think there are others that have it worse than you?" and it did nothing for me except the need to release some anger. I believe there is great power in our unique stories and I believe there is so much courage in being venerable(HELLO Brené Brown, have you encountered her?) owning your story and use it as a building block for the future.

So go out there and own your uiniqe stories! 


Karin Brattberg

Karin Brattberg