Foto: Anna Rosén Foto

Foto: Anna Rosén Foto


Private sessions

The way yoga was passed down from the very start. One on one. A specific goal that you are working on, issues in asanas, physical or mental blockages, injuries or any other reason, book it! I always leave room for conversation therefore 75 min per session. We make a plan from where you are at this very moment, total beginner to seasoned yogi, all welcome! 

My focus is based on functional anatomy. What can me body do? Not do? What do we need to work on? Is there anywhere I compensate due to lack of strength and/or mobility? If this feels foreign please come to one of my classes to try me out before we meet one on one!


1x 75min           800kr

Are you a student/on sick leave/retired/between jobs? Let's talk about a price package that will suit us both!