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handstand prep&play

7/4 14:30-15:30 & 15:45-17 The Yoga Studio

Come explore the world upside down with me!

In the first hour we prep all the parts of the body involved in getting upside down. This is a class you can attend by its own, it will help build stability and strength for all types of active yoga practice. This will be an hour of fingertips to toes with extra focus on the spine.

The second hour we play! Try different ways to enter a handstand, work with a buddy and a lot with the wall. Please attend the prep class before the play!

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no hands workshop


This workshop is focused on ways to strengthen wrists, create mobility in hands and figure out what the rest of the body can and should do to help the hands and wrists.

Perfect for anyone struggling with sore wrists in regular yoga classes, you will walk away with new hope! We will not be putting any weight on hands or wrists but the aim is to in the future be able to.

This workshop is also great for those working towards handstand, not to worry,we will not be handstanding! Well at least not ON our hands…

The workshop is in two parts, in the first part we move. We are going to work through the whole body with focus on parts that will help lift weight out of hands/wrists. Core, and some more core!

The second part we talk. And go through what we did while we moved. The why? how? and how come? will be answered.

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the back and forward


In this workshop we figure out in each unique body how the function of a forward fold and back bend work. What is similar? What is completely different? What parts of body needs a prep before folding forward and bending back? How can I do this with body strong throughout the whole movement?

We cover the how, why and what about modifacations for my body? This will help for future yoga on and life off the mat.

Bring a curious mind and be ready for finding strength and length from the core.


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supported sessions


2.5hrs of support from blocks bolsters blankets belts and the teacher, Karin Brattberg. In this mix of Yin and Restorative Hatha, we will work the fascia, nervous, glands, respiratory and digestive systems. Long holds to give both body and mind time to ease. 

The Supported Sessions is suited for all levels, especially great for those recovering from various injuries or stress related symptoms. 

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BASICS OF hatha yoga


Bring an open mind to this workshop for the beginner and/or the curious, we will look at a few foundational yoga positions with focus on the individual needs of each and every body.

By learning positions from the inside out we can modify and find ways for everyone to find comfort in the foundational positions. Finding understanding in your body will help tremendously when continuing the journey.

Be prepared to be challenged to try things differently than what might have been the norm in the past. Your unique body is the starting point and this workshop is set up for you to bring new knowledge to future yoga and also life off the mat.