Renovation madness

2019-08-09 10.37.16.jpg

Have you ever renovated a house? I am a total newbie at this and so is Chris. Its all a game of finding out as we go if we can or can not do stuff. I bet it will be like this for the rest of our house owning lifes. Its gun tho. Seeing the process from tired 70s to modern farmhouse.

Yesterday we were at IKEA getting things to be able to finish the house and actually live there. Flashback from about three years ago swelled over me. Back then, our first time together at IKEA, I was standing in one of those large farmhouse kitchens with a gigantic kitchen island and I started to cry. For the first time I let myself envision the life we could have, the life we both wanted. The kitchen we both wanted.

We are not getting that perfect big farmhouse kitchen but we will get a big ass kitchen island!

I find myself not second guessing myself even if I'm fairly new at all things I do. I pick up the painting brush and go. Its a nice feeling, empowering. I do do mistakes however much more success! Chris focus is the prep work, the behind the scenes and very important work that lays beneath the finish and I love to do the things that I get instant gratification from, painting putting up wallpapers building IKEA furniture and so on. Pretty much how we would work in a restaurant. The best team there is!

The frustration of not having a place that is ours is eating at me and fueling my tedious work. We work on the house at all hours of the day slightly ruled by Manfreds naps and the kids routines. It's good really, or we would have skipped meals.

I have insomnia and bad skin. I long for my routines, that I don't even know what they will be like, it is frightening and exciting all at once! Can.Not.Wait.For.My.Daily.CeleryJuice.

We are awaiting windows and then we can mooooveeeee iiiin!!!

This is the week!!!

Karin Brattberg