Big Dreams

Waking up to this view every morning

Waking up to this view every morning

Let's dream BIG!

What is your big big dream?

Mine keep changing. As a teenager all I wanted was to leave Dalarna, a young adult travel and see the world, as a 30 plus year old I became a mother it wasn't my dream but it became dreamy, I dreamt of owning and running my own business, I did. And now, hello teenager Karin, I am living my dream with house and family IN DALARNA! HA! Full circle or something!?

The dream is to not only create an online studio but also create an opportunity to share this amazing place with as many as possible. Right now there are thousands of ideas at the same time as there are plenty of stuff to do on the house in the garden and with the family. One step at the time!

When the time is right, I will have retreats here, with hiking, SUP, delish food and plenty of yoga, would you come?

Karin Brattberg