Yoga (for) Stability (and) Mobility

Have you ever uttered the words “I am not flexible enough for yoga?”

Are you curious about the body and how you can find strength to carry yourself in you unique way?

You might be a seasoned yogi with countless hours on the mat, you might be brand new, you might be 80+ or 20 or 50 or… , there might be a history of injury, or maybe you are training for the next marathon/ski season/heavy lifting/insert any other activity, have you hit the wall and feel well enough to start som light movement?

This course is for YOU, all of you! Since we use each and every unique body as a starting point id doesn't matter at all that we are different. No it's actually a good thing!

So what is it we do in class?

Start off by moving our joints, not muscle focus, joint focus! We move the head arms shoulders spine hips knees all of it! This sequence will be slightly different from time to time but all and all the same. The intention is to get movement throughout the whole body. Along the way you will learn important bits and bobs about your own body, for example how left and right side differs.

The next section we nerd out about one function and or body part. This is where the curiosity is needed. We look at yoga positions, and other more everyday kinda life movements, from the inside and out. Tree pose is a great example: We try it in the middle of the room, observe how the body is looking and most importantly feeling. Then move over to the wall, giving the spine and hips support by leaning in to the wall, then try to lift the foot(this can be hard at first the body often likes to compensate by using spine or shifting the weight) and opening up the leg to the side. Most often this will look and feel totally different from the shape we had in the middle of the room. We can also discuss where to place the foot on the standing leg, IF we do place the foot…we might not!

These classes are held in a workshop style, we discuss everything! I will ask how things feel, when I get feedback I might shift something for you or even shift the whole class. Over 8 weeks we will cover the whole body more or less, and the intention is that all attending will leave with plenty of new knowledge and understanding of their bodies.

This round Im holding this 8 week course in Grangärde Bystuga email me if you are interested!

Karin Brattberg