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Opening night!

wow wow wow! I am so humbled and HAPPY! The opening of The Yoga Studio was awesome! A full class of lovely yogis, half of them new faces! There was so much happening at the start of class, I just went into teacher mode, however at the end of class my emotions caught up on me. first class in MY studio....iiiii! Delicious vegan food from Christoffer Eriksson Mat&Event, he even got a round of applauds. Seriously well earned. 

This would not be possible without friends and family, we all did this together. Now I'm so excited for the future! 

foto Caroline Eriksson



The light was gorgeous this morning, so I got inspired to invest 30 min on a little shoot. To take the time and stroll in the park, to breathe outside(read; not in front of computer) to be creative, set up for a much more productive day if I hadn't! So I truly invested! This is the time to invest in me, it is easy to forget me in all of this. I have done it before, as a single mother of two taking my YTT´s for example. Phew that was a sweaty one! So my promise to myself is to at least once a day do one thing that is purely for me. And even more important, say no more than I say yes. I have said this huge YES to The Studio in order to commit fully I need to say so many small NO´s. Some of them are harder than others.

Photo shoot

Today I had the pleasure to capture the inside and out beauty Klara, a fellow yoga teacher check out her webpage at EmbraceYoga. November in Gothenburg Sweden was showing off its...well worst possible weather! Cold wind and rain! We made it short and sweet.

I am so excited to start this new page in my life, I am applying a "love what you do and you don't have to work a day in your life"-attitude in all areas of my life right now. And being able to live out yet another passion, photography, is just absolutely fabulous!