Yoga mats for the studio

..alright, I need your help people! I am looking for mats for The Studio. 


  • Organic and as fairly made as possible
  • amazing grip
  • durable and easy to clean
  • lightweight
  • reasonably priced
  • be able to buy in bulk
  • be delivered to Sweden within 3 weeks

I am used to Manduka and like them, however the ones I´ve tried have been sooooo heavy! I like the Jade mats, but question their durability. It has come to my attention that the Liforme mats are organic now? They are truly amazing and oh so pricey. I tried cork mats and must say I love them, bit chunky and heavy but the grip and feel is purely aaaaaahmazing, and well...price, again! 

Any suggestions? Any mat you tried and just love? A mat the studio you currently practice in uses and you approve? HIT ME!

love love love


Karin BrattbergComment